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A Windows Horror Story

Of all 'home improvements' the replacement window market has seen more than it's fair of cowboy operators. Government improvement grants in the 1960s started the rot - literally. Grant inspectors encouraged homeowners to have their old sliding sash windows - made of timber that had often already survived for more than a century - ripped out and replaced with modern timber frames. Unfortunately these were almost invariably made from cheap imported softwoods - after all, the budget wasn't unlimited! Within a decade or so most of these had rotted in the unkind UK climate. At the same time there was a craze for fitting georgian bow windows, which brought their own problems. Firstly, they protruded out in front of the building line, and so received more exposure to the weather than was good for them; secondly, they were fiddly to paint, and lack of paint on such exposed timbers was bad news - thirdly, the owners didn't realise, when they ordered them, how difficult it was to keep multiple small window panes clean - and fourthly, they were made of the usual cheap imported softwood. Out they eventually came.

The scene was then set for the great aluminium double glazing disaster. Aluminium manufacturers, eager to tap new markets, piled in to sell them to unsuspecting homeowners. No-one told them that metal frames were very efficient at conducting heat OUT FROM a building, and that condensation on the inside of them (which would subsequently casuse all manner of damage) was pretty well impossible to stop.

This is where uPVC windows came in. On the face of it, a good product (although, since the only colour available was white, it looked completely out of place on some buildings) it was promoted by sales people who may, or may not, have realised that, on older buildings, a timber window frame could be an essential part of the structure. Many a mysterious crack in brickwork over a window appeared after new frames were put it, and the weak plastic sagged under the weight it was carrying .......

Despite these horror stories there are those like ourselves who can provide a good product, fitted by craftsmen, at the right price, and which is completely suitable for your property. Get in touch with us now for a quote.